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Celebrity Look Alike App

How Can Celebrity Look-Alike Apps and New Look Now Help You Get Your Ideal Plastic Surgery Results?

Many of us have wished we looked like a favorite celebrity at some point in time. And while you probably don't want to spend tens of thousands of dollars to try to make yourself into a facsimile of Channing Tatum or Kim Kardashian, you may want to shape your nose, reduce wrinkles, or otherwise emulate some aspect of a favorite celebrity's appearance. 

If you are hoping to transform your appearance and are using celebrities as your guide, the New Look Now app can help you decide what you want to change. It also can help you to set realistic goals for your transformation. 

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How Can New Look Now Work With a Celebrity Look Alike App?

Many people use celebrity look alike generator sites purely for fun. However, if you are using one of these generators in hopes of seeing what you would look like with plastic surgery, the New Look Now app can give you more targeted results. 

For instance, say you go through a celebrity lookalike generator and you find that you match to Jennifer Lawrence. As you look at the pictures side by side, you start to imagine that, with a nose job and maybe a brow lift, you could start to more closely resemble her. While this may be true, the results of this generator are very vague. Plastic surgery results are slightly different for each person, and there's no guarantee you would like the way that Jennifer Lawrence's nose looks like on your face. 

When you use the New Look Now app, you are able to see what you could look like with plastic surgery. But unlike a celebrity look alike app, the New Look Now app shows you approximately what the results of plastic surgery would look like on your own face. So if you see that a celebrity look alike generator has matched your face to Jennifer Lawrence, you can upload a photo, note what you want to change in order to look more like her, and get a high-resolution, lifelike image of the results within 24 hours. 


What If You Want Celebrity Lookalike Surgery?

If you're serious about getting surgery to look more like a favorite celebrity (or if you just want your plastic surgery results to look similar to the face of a celebrity), you can also use the New Look Now app to help ensure you get the results you want. To start, you'll need to upload your photo to the New Look Now site and select the procedure you want. 

When you receive your image with the result, you will be connected with a beauty adviser who can then refer you to a surgeon in your area. When you see the surgeon for a consultation, you can bring your New Look Now results along with a photo of the celebrity you're trying to emulate. This way, even if the New Look Now result isn't exactly like that of a celebrity, the photo you bring can help your surgeon get a better idea of the look that you're seeking out. Your surgeon can bring up any concerns or possible problems with your desired result as well. 

Celebrity Lookalike App

Even if you aren't trying to look exactly like a celebrity, celebrity photographs can be a valuable tool to bring to your New Look Now consultation. Just like bringing a photo of your desired haircut to a salon, bringing a picture of the results you want to your consult can help give your surgeon some clarity. When you put careful thought into the planning of your cosmetic procedure, you will be far more likely to end up with a result you can be proud of.

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