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Choosing the Best Invisible Braces for At Home Teeth Straightening

Invisible Braces (aka "Clear Aligners") Are On the Rise... So Which Ones Are Right for You? 
try on invisible braces
It's now easier than ever to achieve "dental perfection". With recent innovations in cosmetic dentistry and a surge of invisible braces providers, patients have unprecedented access to a plethora of smile enhancement options. At home teeth straightening products are just one of the dozens of treatments offered to consumers hoping to align their teeth in a less traditional way. The only problem is, there are countless of new brands in this industry that are all claiming to provide straighter teeth at lower costs and with superior results. 
Let's take a closer, unbiased look at some of the top brands in the realm of invisible braces so you can determine which is best for your unique aesthetic needs... 
What Are Invisible Braces? 
Invisible braces (aka clear aligners, transparent retainers, plastic braces, etc...) are a type of removable, at home teeth straightening products that fit over your teeth and straighten them over time without the need for the more permanent metal hardware common in traditional orthodontics. Usually, the patient is asked to have a 3D scan taken of their teeth and then they receive a customized set of invisible braces that slowly adjust their smile into a more aesthetically desirable shape. The mold or scanning process can be done at home or in an orthodontist's office depending on the brand you choose.
The primary pros of these products is their transparent appearance and removable form, making them much more popular for adults who desire orthodontic solutions yet want to avoid wearing old-school metal mouth-gear. Many of the brands listed here also offer entirely "at home" services, making the entire process much more convenient for those with busy schedules. The main downside is that it's entirely up to the patient to wear their invisible braces for the recommended amount of time each day. When patients manage to follow directions carefully, the results are often tremendously satisfying and are entirely on par with (and often better than) older forms of orthodontics. 
The Biggest Brands in the At Home Teeth Straightening Game
We say "at home" here because many of these brands offer orthodontic solutions that don't require the patient to leave their houses. They receive their smile assessment kits and invisible braces via mail and can entirely side-step the in-office visit to an orthodontist. Still, no matter which brand you choose to go with, you'll ultimately be in control of your orthodontic journey from the comfort of your home. 
Probably the biggest name in the invisible braces industry, Invisalign has been perfecting their clear aligners for about two decades now. Their parent company, Align Technology, is responsible for creating breakthrough 3D scanning (iTero Element Scanner) and printing technology within the area of cosmetic dentistry. As a "name brand", Invisalign is certainly not the least expensive option on this list, but it is still one of the most popular. 
Some things to note: 
  • Invisalign requires you to make an appointment with a doctor in their network in order to get your initial 3D scans taken. 
  • Invisalign offers a variety of payment options to help patients who are uncertain of the financial implications of this treatment option. 
  • The overall cost of Invisalign varies on a patient-to-patient basis. Their site references costs ranging from $50/month for 36 months to $200/month for 24 months. 
  • Invisalign technology is designed to treat a larger spectrum of orthodontic needs and can handle more severe misalignment than other products on this list. 
Smile Direct Club 
smile direct club
Smile Direct Club (SDC) was founded in 2014 with the mission to make invisible braces even more accessible and consumer-friendly. Their products combine at home teeth straightening with teeth whitening kits at a self-proclaimed 60% reduction in cost to patients. By effectively removing "in-office" visits, SDC claims to be able to provide more affordable products in an incredibly convenient way. 
Some things to note:
  • SDC offers patients the option to visit one of their in-network SmileShops for a scan and assessment. Otherwise, consumers will receive a DIY assessment kit in the mail. The in-office visit is advertised as free, while the at-home kit costs $49.
  • SDC provides their whitening and straightening treatments for a flat rate of $1850 or $2170 over a 24 month payment period (not including the at-home assessment kit for $49 and the after-treatment retainers for $99/each). 
Candid Co.
candid co
Candid Co. is an even newer brand than SDC and is likely its biggest competitor. Like SDC, Candid combines whitening treatments with their at home teeth straightening, they offer free in-office 3D scans or DIY molding kits, and they provide retainers to keep your smile straight after the initial treatment. They seem to place more emphasis on their products' whitening capabilities than SDC with a very similar pricing scheme. 
Some things to note:
  • Candid offers a flat rate price of $1900 or roughly $88/month and includes your first post-treatment retainer and a free in-office 3D scan. Their at home molding kit costs $95. 
  • Candid is a slightly younger company than SDC and therefore has a slightly less extensive set of customer reviews. 
  • Both Candid and SDC turn away roughly 10-20% of patients and refer them to professional orthodontists instead (their straighteners have somewhat limited capabilities and are meant for moderately misaligned smiles). 
ClearCorrect has been providing invisible braces since 2006 and is based around a flexible business model meant to be compatible with a varied network of orthodontists. Unlike the other options on this list, ClearCorrect requires multiple visits to your dentists to first get scanned and to receive your aligners. As their website states, ClearCorrect is designed to be the most doctor-friendly clear aligner option in the market. 
Some things to note:
  • ClearCorrect has a flexible payment option for doctors which enables your orthodontist to offer you an affordable rate on your invisible braces, however the pricing is widely varied and depends on your area and chosen dentist.
  • ClearCorrect is a product that you'll need to ask a trusted orthodontist about and cannot be ordered for yourself online. 
  • Like Invisalign, ClearCorrect is designed to handle more severe misalignment than the "at-home" alternatives on this list. 
Byte is another young competitor to brands like Candid Co. and Smile Direct Club. They focus on strictly at-home care and only offer a DIY impression kit, rather than the free in-office scanning options that Candid and SDC provide. Byte claims to have a patented Smile Science technology that ensures each set of invisible braces is uniquely designed to be symmetrical with a patient's face. They also have a product called HyperByte that is used for roughly 5 minutes a day and is supposedly able to cut your overall treatment time in half. 
Some things to note:
  • Byte is priced competitively at $1900 or $62/month for the treatment, teeth whitening solutions, and retainers. However, they require that patients pay the initial $95 startup cost for the at-home teeth impression kit. 
  • Like other competitors, Byte has a "Byte for life" guarantee that claims any required straightening needs will be provided at no cost after the initial treatment is completed. 
Your Smile Direct 
Your Smile Direct (YSM) is essentially the international competitor to Smile Direct Club. They focus on shipping to Ireland, United Kingdom, France, and Italy, although they offer shipping options to a wide spectrum of other countries (except USA). Like Byte, YSM only offers at-home kits for creating DIY impressions that are then sent in by the patients. They also provide a 3D simulation of what your teeth could look like after your treatment is complete. 
Some things to note:
  • It costs 49€ for the starter kit and 1799€ for a flat rate fee or 499€ down plus 118€ for 11 months. 
  • After care retainers are included in their treatment price, however YSM does not provide teeth whitening solutions. 
  • Their website claims that they will have free in-office scanning options available in the near future. 
Try On Your New Smile Before You Decide 
try on your smile
While some of these brands will provide 3D simulations of your "future smile", they require that you go into a dentist's office or pay for the $99 at-home impression kit first. For those of you that are uncertain about this entire process, you probably want the option to "try before you buy". Fortunately, New Look Now's predictive imaging platform offers patients like you with the opportunity to "try on" practically any cosmetic enhancement procedure, including teeth straightening, dental implants, and veneers. 
Our predictive imaging platform doesn't use generic face-morphs or filter effects. We provide 100% unique and professionally-certified results that adhere to your individual aesthetic concerns. By simply uploading a photo of yourself, you can find out what you'd look like after almost any surgical or non-surgical procedure within 24 hours. 
Curious how you could look after using invisible braces? Upload your photo today and "try on" your new smile!