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Try On a Hair Transplant Treatment with New Look Now...

Remember How It Felt to Have a Full Head of Hair?
try on hair transplant
Hair restoration treatments have come a long way since the early days of primitive plugs. With increasingly precise robotic follicular transplants, newfound uses for platelet-rich plasma injections, micropigmentation technology, and a plethora of other innovations, men and women have more hope than ever of retaining a full head of hair long into their golden years. In fact, the sheer abundance of hair-repair treatment options often overwhelms those of us looking for quick, reliable information. 
We’re Here to Help with Your First Step Toward a New Head of Hair 
We understand that deciding to receive a hair transplant is a big step. You need to weigh all of your options and determine whether or not the surgical path is right for you. It’s quite tough to do that when you don’t have a very good idea of what you’ll actually look like after undergoing hair restoration surgery. Fortunately, New Look Now can help eliminate the guessing game by providing a clear look at  your potential future self. 
With our predictive imaging platform, you can easily "Try On" a hair transplant procedure. By simply uploading a photo of your head and choosing the treatment you'd like to have simulated, you can quickly receive images of yourself rocking a full head of hair. New Look Now can light your path toward whichever hair situation suits you best. 
You Are Not a Stock Photo!
To be sure, there are certainly other variations of "treatment visualizers" that you could mess around with. These “tools” primarily make use of filters, impersonal automations, and other generic effects that treat your image like a stock photo. The final results of these depersonalized simulators tend to look unprofessional, inaccurate, and all around thoughtless. 
At New Look Now, we are committed to providing a personalized and professionally-certified approach to each individual image. We know that you're unique and that your potential treatment results should reflect that fact. Your distinctive aesthetic needs and individuality are held at the core of our treatment simulation platform. 
We don’t use any filters or automatic face morphs. Your photo upload is carefully processed, altered via our predictive imaging platform, and then quality checked by our team of certified professionals. The end result is an image that truly depicts your potential post-treatment future self. It’s as close as you can come to looking ahead in time (and back at the hair you used to have ;) ). 
Our Promise 
steps to hair transplant simulation
New Look Now's predictive imaging technology is providing unparalleled realism and personalization to the realm of plastic surgery and aesthetic enhancements. We can offer you an intimate and accurate look at your potential future self. Our treatment simulation results are professionally-certified and used by a wide-variety of leading brands within the aesthetic medicine industry. All it takes is a quick photo-upload and you'll be able to see what you could like after any type of cosmetic enhancement or aesthetic surgery. 
Try on your hair transplant treatment today and see for yourself!