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Photoshop On Instagram Creates Unrealistic Expectations and Goals for Followers

Why It's Important to Truly Understand How You Could Realistically Look After Meeting Certain Aesthetic Goals 
It's no secret that Photoshop is a key facet of celebrity Instagram accounts. Celebs and influencers of all varieties are frequently found guilty of doctoring images to foster an often unrealistic version of their self-image. Zendaya, Rihanna, and the Kardashians are oft-cited as "photoshop offenders". Sometimes this photo editing is done with subtlety and care. Other times the results are questionable at best. 
zendaya photoshop fail
(Recent Zendaya Photoshop Fail) 
Most Instagram users understand that photoshop is probably at play in the background of their favorite accounts. Still, when those obviously edited before and after images are exposed, there always seems to be an online uproar that blends shock, disappointment, and disgust. It's a reality that many people don't like to face head-on. They want to believe that their implausibly beautified celeb idols are actually capable of achieving the "perfection" that they depict. 
There tends to be a threshold for photoshop to be passable on Instagram. Even if the majority of users know that almost all celeb photos are at least somewhat touched up, they don't seem to mind when those edits aren't too over-the-top. When that threshold is passed, however, users have no choice but to vocalize their criticism. Some resort to humor, as is in the case of Selena Gomez or Ariana Grande in these "photoshop fails". Others lament the effects that these celebs have on setting unattainable body goals for many of their followers. 
selena gomez photoshop fail
(Selena Gomez Photoshop Fail Evidence) 
Keeping Up with Kardashian Photoshop 
The Kardashian sisters are well-known targets of the online criticism that's typically coupled with these photoshop revelations. To be fair, most repeat offenders of this type of image-manipulation are easily identified. Kourtney Kardashian is the most recent of the sisters to be swept up in a fairly laughable photoshopping scandal. 
kourtney kardashian photoshop fail
(The Kourtney Kardashian Pic in Question) 
While promoting her new brand "Poosh" using an overhead image of her lying in a bubble bath, Kourtney appears to have gone well beyond the acceptable photoshopping threshold and managed to enter the realm of the bizarre and unexplainable. The image was immediately recognized as being "too edited" for even her most loyal fans. The irony of the post's caption that told followers to "love themselves" appeared to be the icing on this badly photoshopped cake. 
You Won't Look Like Your Favorite Celebrities Instagram 
It's important to realize that you (probably) will never be able to look like the doctored images on your favorite Instagram accounts. The people on those accounts don't even look like their images. These posts are often excessively photoshopped with zero regards for realistically attainable bodies. And the unsuspecting Instagram user is left to develop unreachable aesthetic goals that can cause long-term disappointment and discontent. 
rhinoplasty simulation
(New Look Now Rhinoplasty Simulation) 
Setting Healthy, Realistic Expectations 
We aren't here to tell people that they should just be happy with the body they have and forget about changing. Everyone has the right to strive for a more "idealized" version of themselves. Our mission is to help people of all genders and body types develop an "ideal self" that is actually realistic and attainable. 
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