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Which Celebs Have Fake Butts? Your Guide to Rear End Enhancements...

Fake Butts Are More Common Than You Might Think... 
Interest in fake butts has been on a steady incline for some time now. Butts have officially become the new boobs in terms of pop-culture aesthetic trends. We know. This is nothing new. 
Still, there are several celebrities that appear less willing to open up about their presumed buttocks enhancements than those who share their breast augmentation experiences. One reason for this might be that fake butts are much easier to conceal or pass off as real. When their plastic surgery is obvious, it can backfire tremendously for the celebs who deny it. 
Another reason is that the general public seems to be less accepting of fake butts than boobs. This is likely because an aesthetically desirable behind is conceivably something that anyone with determination can achieve. On the other hand, dieting and exercise seldom appear to help breasts grow a significant amount (it's typically the opposite). And while this public perspective is almost certainly misguided, there is still a strangely inescapable stigma against "cheating" to get a butt than there is for breasts. 
Regardless of the stigma, several celebrities have begun owning and repping their fake butts. Others are less than vocal about it, but that hasn't stopped the public from trying to expose their enhancements. Fans and critics alike tend to get pretty riled up when they recognize a dramatic shift in a celeb's rear end. 
Celebs That Have Admitted to Having a "Fake Butt"
Rapper and all-around internet sensation Cardi B has admitted to getting illegal butt injections well before her rise to fame. Considering that transparency and bluntness are large aspects of her persona, it's no surprise that Cardi opened up about her troublesome enhancements. Her willingness to come out about the procedure is applaudable particularly because these notoriously dangerous "DIY injections" are something that all would-be butt enhancers should stay away from. 
fake butts
The Argentinian model Virginia Gallardo has also admitted to having a "fake butt". Unlike the majority of other celebs on this list, Gallardo is very open about her butt augmentation and seemingly wears her silicone implants with pride. There’s not much sense in hiding your aesthetic journey from your fans, especially if you are constantly being photographed for a living.  
fake butts
Reality star Heidi Montag is another celeb who has leaned in to being public about her plastic surgery rather than attempting to conceal it. She has admitted to breast and butt augmentations, facial surgery, and a number of injections. Montag often uses her plastic surgeries as talking points for larger discussions of societal expectations and media depictions of what it means to be beautiful. 
fake butts
Fake Butts With Less Transparent Owners 
Rapper Iggy Azalea is constantly being accused of having butt injections. Despite her openness about her nose and breast surgeries, fans and critics still seem to think that she's hiding something about her back end. One would think that she’s telling the truth when her other surgery admissions are taken into consideration. However, as we mentioned above, many celebs are simply less likely to talk about butt enhancements than other forms of plastic surgery. 
celebs with fake butts
The Kardashians are amongst the group of famous individuals that would rather keep their enhancements private. All of the Kardashian sisters have been accused of having butt injections or augmentations. Kourtney, Khloe, and Kim have all denied the allegations of having silicone implants but are less dismissive about receiving a Brazilian Butt Lift, aka fat transfer butt injections. Likewise, Kylie Jenner and her sister Kendall have also been charged with professionally upgrading their behinds and remain steadfast in their denials. 
fake butts
Seemingly anyone within a close radius to Kim Kardashian's rear end has somehow been swept up in a fake butt fiasco. Rob Kardashian's tumultuous significant other Blac Chyna has experienced similar accusations and continues to deny their veracity. 
celebs with fake butts
And, Kanye West's (Kim's husband) former romantic interest, Amber Rose, has been named as a "walking billboard" for the promotion of butt injections by her previous go-to plastic surgeon. 
fake butts
Why Do We Care About These Derrieres? 
There's a curious obsession that we all admittedly tend to have with celebrity aesthetic enhancements. Part of the reason involves our interest in practically every aspect of their lives. The other part centers on a desire to know exactly how they manage to look the way that they do. 
We want to know if these celebs need to diet and exercise, go under the knife, or simply exist in order to achieve their appearance. More often than not, their looks require a strategic combination of genetics, fitness and nutrition, and some help from cosmetic procedures. And, of course, a decent amount of Photoshop expertise is frequently there to lend a hand.
Fake Butts Exist On a Spectrum...
A fake butt doesn’t always have to be “plastic” (silicone) or a traditional butt augmentation. In fact, liposuction and fat transfer combinations are actually much more common and are typically referred to as Brazilian Butt Lifts. These dual-purpose body contouring procedures have the potential to fully reshape an individual’s figure without adding any foreign substances to it. 
A Brazilian Butt Lift effectively kills two birds with one treatment. Most often, the fat is vacuumed using liposuction techniques from the arms, upper back, hips, and stomach areas. A portion of the fat is then sterilized and (re)injected into the buttocks. The exact areas and amounts of fat extracted depend on the patient’s unique body type. 
Brazilian Butt Lift Example
The Brazilian Butt Lift can also produce a more aesthetically desirable figure by removing excess skin and literally lifting the existing tissue in the buttocks area. The end result is a rounder and more youthful appearance with less emphasis on size and more on the overall shape. Skin lifts are a popular treatment for patients hoping to reinvigorate their rear ends without focusing so much on their mass. 
Of course, there are other ways to amplify one's backend. Silicone implants similar to those used in breast augmentation procedures are also fairly common. This type of surgery provides a much more distinctive and slightly less natural result. The important thing to remember is that "more or less natural" doesn't necessarily mean "better or worse". Everyone has a different set of aesthetic goals and there is no objectively superior form of butt enhancement. 
Are Fake Butts For Everyone? 
The short answer here is no. Many patients might be able to get the butt that they desire without ever entering the offices of a plastic surgeon. Dieting and targeted exercises can go a tremendously long way.  
Other patients might require some assistance from a cosmetic enhancement procedure. Despite their often powerful results, squats do have limitations. Luckily, there are several options for those in need. 
To be sure, those of you out there seeking an aesthetic booster for your butts shouldn't feel guilty or embarrassed. Fake butts aren't "cheating" and most of the time they aren't truly even "fake". Buttocks enhancements are simply a single aspect of the latest wave of beauty trends. 
Still, we suggest that you don't dive head first into a fake butt surgery until you've done your research. Each procedure mentioned in this article can potentially have dramatically different required preparations, recovery times, and overall results that depend on the individual patient's unique body type. It should be noted that no amount of blog posts will provide you with an accurate representation of what your butt could look like after an enhancement. 
Try On a Fake Butt?
That's why we recommend "trying on" any procedure before committing to it. In the earlier days of cosmetic enhancements, the concept of "try before you buy" was simply inconceivable. Technological innovation and an expanding plastic surgery market have begun to change that paradigm. 
New Look Now's predictive imaging platform can help you "try on" a "fake butt" and determine whether or not it's right for you. Our platform provides professionally-certified simulations of cosmetic enhancement procedures (both non-surgical and surgical) for practically any type of aesthetic treatment. All it takes is for you to upload a photo to our online portal, choose the treatment(s) that you'd like to have simulated, and wait for us to send you the results.
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Find Out What You'd Look Like with a Butt Enhancement 
We offer realistic simulations of Butt Augmentations, Brazilian Butt Lifts, and Lower Body Liposuction for anyone that is interested in potentially receiving these procedures or for those that simply want an image of themselves with an enhanced butt. Spend less time obsessing over which celebs received butt surgeries or injection and take a few minutes to "try on" these enhancements yourself. If you enjoy the results, then we can recommend doctors in your area that can provide an in-person consultation to go over your potential treatment options. 
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